Book of Mormon Visual Library - Season 5


The last segment of Season 5 will film late Spring or early Summer, 2023. (Exact dates are still TBD.) The production location will be in Utah. We are NOW CASTING principal roles for this unit and accepting background applications as well.

NEW AUDITION DEADLINE (for speaking roles): December 5, 2022 by 11pm. Currently, we are still searching for the main principal role of "Mormon" in his 50s.

Background casting is open for 2023! If you would like to apply as a background actor for our 2023 production, please complete the online form. No audition is necessary for background roles. But we would love to receive your introduction video!

This final segment for the Book of Mormon Video Series focuses on the legacy of Mormon, Moroni, and the fall of the Nephite nation. It is poignant and so applicable to our time. While we will need men, women, and youth of all ages; we have many roles to fill with SOLDIERS. (Start working-out and building those muscles NOW.) For this unit, we seek those of Native American, Latin American, or Pacific Islander heritage.

PRODUCTION: Book of Mormon Visual Library Video Series
COMPANY: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
DISTRIBUTION VENUES: Digital & Print Distribution

CHURCH MEMBERSHIP: Applicants must be active, temple-worthy members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

COMPENSATION: Paid. Rates are commensurate with standard union scale and are negotiable.

PRINCIPAL ROLES may apply from any location in the world. 

SUPPORTING ROLES & BACKGROUND must work as a local. (No travel compensation.)

DATES and LOCATIONS: Late Spring or Early Summer, 2023. (Exact dates are TBD.) Production will take place in Utah. Dates and locations are always subject to change.


We will cast four variations of Mormon spanning his life:

  • Mormon as a child, age 10 (Supporting)
  • Mormon as a youth, aged 15-16 (Supporting)
  • Mormon as a young adult, mid-20’s (Principal)
  • Mormon, aging from 50’s upward through 70’s (Principal)

The two adult roles for “Mormon” are complex and require the highest degree of acting ability. These are truly principal roles. The two younger roles for “Mormon” are considered supporting roles.


  • Ammaron describes Mormon as, “a sober child, and… quick to observe.”
  • At the tender age of 15, Mormon wrote that he was, “visited of the Lord, and tasted and knew of the goodness of Jesus.”
  • Also at 15, Mormon was appointed to be the leader of all the Nephite armies!
  • Mormon was “large in stature;” a leader among men. We seek a man of character and charisma: Someone to whom people would look for leadership.
  • He was battle-hardened, muscular, and physically well-built. Adult applicants should be tall and, if cast, willing to commit to a personalized fitness program for the next 6 months.
  • We will accept applicants of any ethnicity. A swarthy cast to their complexion is helpful and preference will be given to those of Native American, Latin American, or Pacific Islander heritage.
  • Mormon’s writings depict a man of deep faith, commitment, and profound feeling. He was a prophet and a disciple of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  • Applicants must be active members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints with a current temple recommend.

We will also be casting for Mormon's Wife, ages 20's and 50's. For these auditions, we will use the same sides as those for the adult Mormon. She is portrayed in the script as a woman of great wisdom and compassion. 


The SIDES for Adult Mormon (ages mid-20's, and 50's - 70's) and Mormon's Wife (ages mid-20's and mid-50's) can be accessed through this link. There are two sides. Please prepare and perform BOTH, uploaded as two separate video links (Audition #1 and #2).

The SIDE for Young Mormon (ages 10 - 17) can be accessed through this link. 



Please take 4 still photos. A current digital snapshot is preferred, taken in natural diffused daylight through a window, on a cloudy day, or in the shade. 

  1. Headshot: from the chest upward. Looking at camera. 
  2. Profile: from the chest upward. Facing directly to one side.
  3. Full body, standing, facing camera. Wear comfortable clothing that fairly depicts your natural shape. Please include your feet. 
  4. Full body, profile.

Photos must be well lit, without obstructing accessories like masks, sunglasses, or hats.


If you would be willing to include an introduction, please do! This step is OPTIONAL, but very helpful to us as we place people in roles.

(1) Introduce yourself; (2) In less than 30 seconds, tell us why you would like to participate in this Book of Mormon series; (3) Upload to a video sharing site and enter the URL in your application form.


  1. This may be recorded on a smart phone or similar device. We recommend attaching it to a solid surface or tripod.
  2. Make sure you have good lighting on your face. (Natural diffused daylight through a window or in the shade is usually best.)
  3. Wardrobe: comfortable, casual, stick with earth-tones (browns, blues, greens, black or white)
  4. Record your performance close enough to see your face clearly (from about your chest, upward).
  5. Face the camera. Keep your "audience" or scene partner behind and close to camera. 
  6. Begin by introducing yourself. State your full name, age, and city where you live.
  7. Perform your side.
  8. Check the sound. Make sure it is clear enough to hear without having to turn up the speakers to maximum volume.
  9. Please submit one take only of each side.
  10. Upload your video to an online site like YouTube or Vimeo and copy the "share" link.
  11. You will be able to add the link to your online application form.

IMPORTANT: Set the privacy settings to "Unlisted" (NOT “Private”) so we will be able to view it without a password. Only those with the URL address will be able to access your video.


Please visit and complete the form.

You will be able to upload your photos and video URL address in the form. DO NOT click the "APPLY" button below. It doesn't work for this project. Please visit this website to apply.

Please submit your application IMMEDIATELY (or as soon as possible) so we can keep you apprised of updates. 

We would appreciate it if you could please forward this information to anyone whom you believe fits the criteria and may be interested! These are difficult roles to fill and we need your help!

Thank you! We look forward to reviewing your application!

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