Promotional Media Photoshoot

PROJECT: Promotional Media Photoshoot

MEMBERSHIP: Applicants must be temple-worthy members of the Church

DEADLINE TO APPLY: Monday, April 25, 2022


We are seeking models for some promotional materials (signs and banners, etc.) for the Church’s distribution outlets. These are the distribution centers that sell scriptures, manuals, white clothing, etc. we are looking for models to showcase items in a still photoshoot.





Youth Models

One Male and one Female; Age 16-19; any ethnicity

Adult Models

Male and Female: Age 25-45; seeking models to represent North America, South America, and Asia

Child Models

Female; Ages 2-4 and 6-8; siblings are welcome to apply; any ethnicity

Hand Models

Male and Female; youth to adult. Those submitting for the other models will also submit photos of their hands for consideration in these shots.



Wednesday, May 25th

Models will be needed for the whole day. Child models will be limited to a shorter day.



$500/shoot + 10% agency fee, if applicable



A location in downtown Salt Lake City.

Applicants must be willing to work as locals.



  1. Take 4 photos of yourself (digital photos with a phone is fine) plus 2 photos specifically of your hands. Make sure you have good lighting. Wear snug-fitting clothes that show your natural shape. No obstructing accessories such as sunglasses or hats.
    1. Headshot: from the chest upward, facing camera
    2. Profile: from the chest upward, facing to one side
    3. Full body, facing camera, including feet
    4. Full body, profile.
    5. Shot of the back of your hands
    6. Shot of the palms of your hands
    7. You may also include a professional headshot, if you have one.
  2. CLICK HERE to apply to the project. (URL: )

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