Nauvoo Historical Film EXTRAS NEEDED

PROJECT: Nauvoo Historical Film AUDITIONS

MEMBERSHIP: Applicants must be temple worthy members of the Church.


DEADLINE TO APPLY:  August 31st for Background and Featured Extras

***EDIT*** Deadline for extras to apply to the new shoot date in Memphis, Tennessee is Sept. 9th.


The Casting Office of the Publishing Services Department is pleased to announce casting for a new film that tells the story of the building of the Nauvoo temple through the first-hand accounts of four residents of Nauvoo in the 1840s. The film follows the struggles and triumphs of the Saints through the eyes of Church members who lived the temple-building experience daily. 


We are currently seeking people of all ages to portray featured and background extra roles. Applicants must be temple worthy members of the Church.


The film will be shot on location in Nauvoo as a period piece covering the years of 1840-1844. The style will be highly naturalistic and will hope to catch the real feeling of what it would have been like to live in Nauvoo and on the American frontier in the 1840’s. The film will be directed by the filmmaker behind The Hope of God’s Light and Your Great Adventure, which can both be seen at the links below:


The Hope of God’s Light:


Your Great Adventure:  



Featured and Background Extras

Edit: 9.1.2022 - We have all the children applicants we need (and more!). Adults are still welcome to apply.

All ages; all ethnicities that were historically represented in the 1840s in frontier America. Men should have shaggy to shoulder length hair and maintain scruff to long beards. Women will need to have natural eyebrows and hair. If applicable, please refrain from shaping eyebrows and/or permanent makeup applications from the time of your application until casting decisions are made. Extras will need to work as locals in Nauvoo, Illinois.



Filmed entirely on location in Nauvoo, Illinois, with one day in **Memphis, Tennessee**.  Featured Background and Extras must work as locals.



Unit 1 -September 20th in Memphis, Tennessee and September 22-29, 2022 in Nauvoo, Illinois

Unit 2 -4 days to 1 week in January/February, 2023

Extras will not work every day, but could work multiple days or just one, depending on availability and the needs of production.




Background Extras: $135/day. Extras must work as locals in Nauvoo. (Production will not provide travel or lodging for featured and background players.)




For Lead or Supporting Roles

Auditions for Lead and Supporting roles are closed. 

For Featured and Background Extras

  1. Follow this link to fill out the application: . You will be asked to upload current photos
    1. Headshot
    2. Profile
    3. Full body front
    4. Full body profile


Thank you for your support of Church media. We look forward to viewing your application!


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